Why I Quit My Full-Time Job After 5 Years During COVID-19


As you may have guessed by the very descriptive title, I quit my full time gig after 5 years. And I didn’t hate my job. Does that make it more confusing?

I had great benefits, worked closed to home. I was pretty good at it. Hell, I even worked with all my friends… sounds pretty ideal doesn’t it? The devil is always in the details.

I worked hard, long hours. I gave up pretty much every holiday. I worked in a commission retail environment which means you literally don’t exist for August/September (Back To School Sales) & November & December (Christmas). The money was well above average. So, I was able to pay off A LOT of debt, save up to purchase my first home and do some renovations.

But I always loved progression.

I got promoted to new role which oddly enough paid me less because it factored in the stores success. Which was mediocre. It also added a lot more responsibility. I decided to step back down. Fast forward 2 years… I’m still an “associate”. I’m constantly seeking new challenges. I discover the reselling community, Amazon FBA & eBay and It resonated with me immediately. The very day I discovered Amazon FBA was a thing I spent that whole evening on YouTube and google doing research. I’d say maybe 2 weeks later my store launched.

Things went well, not life changing but everyday I’m proving to myself that it’s possible. My cost to start was low, my profits were okay. I’m learning, challenging myself. This is a great time, I even started a podcast.

Fast forward 6 months, COVID19 happens.

Our store closes, but we remain employed doing daily conference calls.. couple webinar training’s and each day we use an app to do 10-30 questions. This was particularly frustrating for me because I was really trying to use this extra time to scale my business and dive into learning. Plus, the work we were doing was “busy” work. Work that is given to you just because but has no real substance or benefit. I really struggle with that. (It should be noted that literally 1 day after I quit they stopped this)

Fast forward another 2 months

My amazon business is doing better than ever. I’ve really dived into eBay, and sales are good. I am really starting to see the true potential out there. I’m flipping grocery items, stuff from auctions, books… literally anything. I even figured out that I can source from American websites and have the items sent to prep centers in the states who will send the items to Amazon for me. So Now I can sell on Amazon.com AND Amazon.ca.

So, I’m reflecting. I’m home spending real quality time with my child, and girlfriend while having time to grow my business AND have some time for myself to relax. I really love this lifestyle. Do I take a risk while I’m young and in a pretty good position to do so, or do I go back to mediocrity. It may have been more practical. But I tend to be more unorthodox. So I decided to quit. I knew I could always work part time somewhere as well If I really needed too.

This next chapter remains unwritten but I am very optimistic for the future and thankful for all the opportunities out there.

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