What To Expect Selling On Amazon Month 1-6 (Retail Arbitrage/Books)

I started selling on Amazon mid-November 2019. At the time of this, it’s March 21’st 2020. Which means it’s been about 5 months. A very small sample size, but full of ups and downs.

A) Huge Learning Curve

The initial start up is full of small mistakes, ignorance and time wasters. But well worth it, don’t get discouraged. It’s also extremely exciting because of the potential.

B) Surpise

You’ll likely be surprised by how well books, and other random things sell on Amazon. Assuming You did your homework and understand sales rank.

C) Excitement & Growth

After a few months of scanning books, or other items you’ll likely start to wonder if there’s a better way. How can I scale? but before you start down these avenues make sure you can honestly tell yourself that you’ve mastered this game. Moving on prematurely will lead you to doing 2 things half ass, rather than 1 thing extremely well.

D) Tough Lessons

Perhaps, this is more relevant for people who started around the same time as me. November 2020. The market is at a all time high. The economy is absolutely great. Sales are good. Then, COVID-19. The economy absolutely tanks. So, I’ve been in this game for a very short time but was able to live through both amazing economy and very poor. What did I learn? A) Books & Bracelets (which is what I was mostly selling) Aren’t priority during a pandemic. Although kids books did see a huge spike as people were home with their kids. Unfortunately, I didn’t benefit from this. Obviously, I wasn’t surprised by this. I closed my shopify store to focus more on amazon. But the lesson here, kids. IS. In the years of prosperity it’ll be easier to achieve your financial goals. And the crash is always coming, it always has and always will. You need cash available for these times.

E) Back To Basics

While selling, and expanding. Remember how you got you here. Don’t complicate things. Do your research and make decisions based on facts not your gut.

D) You Could be Ready

After 6 months of crushing, you could be ready to expand. Scale. I’m looking at different options. What would be best for me? What would I enjoy? this will be different for everyone. But don’t branch out too soon. Make sure you’re ready. Perhaps the book game for a year would make more sense for some people to allow them to save up. For me, I want to accelerate my growth. I am currently looking at wholesale.

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