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Hello again,

Today I will disclose the tools and resources that I use to optimize the process and give yourself the best chances of success.

First of all, you’ll need a Amazon Selling Account. I’ll assume you already have this. Once you’ve obtained that you can start banging off this list.

  1. Scanning App. I use Scoutly.

First thing you’ll have to do is link your scoutly to your amazon sellers account. Then you’ll have to setup your triggers. I recommend that you check out THIS RESOURCE to learn about profit triggers.

After you’ve setup triggers (the algorithm the app will use to decide on BUY or REJECT) it’s easy. Go scan! Scoutly_MainScreen

2. Amazon Seller App

The amazon seller app is crucial for a few reasons. The first one being you’ll track your sales and inventory from here. But secondly you can check out the potential profit on any product. Click “Add Product” then scan the barcode or even scan the cover.

3. Jungle Scout Estimator 

Check out the jungle scout estimator here. It’s a pretty straight forward tool that’ll help you in figuring out how often a particular item will sell within a month.


4. Keepa

Keepa is important for you to track prices. I recommend playing around with it to learn it’s potential. The best part of Keepa for me, is when it’ll show you that Amazon no longer is listing an item.

5.  PayPal

If you plan on messing around with Ebay at all you may as well stop reading right now and set up a PayPal account if you don’t have one already. That’s the method of payment they use.

6. UPS, Purolator, Canada Post Business Accounts

Register for business accounts with shippers. You’ll receive discounts on shipping plus you can get free supplies. They’ll ship you labelopes which are incredibly helpful.

7. Wave Accounting

You’ll probably end up registering as a business. In this case you’ll want to separate your business money and personal money. You’ll also want to track all your business purchases for tax season.Wave is free and offers an app to track the receipts by taking a photo of them. Very helpful!



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