Thinking about a side-hustle? Here’s a basic overview of Amazon Selling. Let’s get started.

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I recently had a conversation with a gentlemen who was selling on Amazon. The revenue and profits he was making was truly impressive. He told me about all the benefits of it. The one that stood out the most and really captured my attention was “FBA”

What is FBA?

Fulfilled By Amazon. This means you store your product in the amazon warehouse and when it sells they will send it out, and deal with any customer service issues. Additionally this makes your product prime eligible, which is huge. Click THIS link to learn more from Amazon.

Guys. This is easy! The process isn’t difficult by any means. There are many many ways to go about this. They are as follows.

Start with –Retail Arbitrage then
Online Arbitrage then,
Private Label, then

You can jump into any of these at anytime. However, the way I listed them seems to make some sense to start. RA (Retail Arbitrage) makes sense to start with because it requires very little capitol. OA (Online Arbitrage) requires less physical work as it’s all done from your computer but will require slightly more money. Then private label, and wholesale will require even more.

If you’re reading this thinking, “gee. that’s so confusing.” It’s okay. Hopefully you find this article by the time I have explained each. I’ll link them later.

I will start however, with Retail Arbitrage because this is where most will start. It’s fairly low risk and will really give you a good mindset for the business.

This explanation is going to be short and sweet because the process is really really simple. You’ll end up like me saying “why am I just starting this now”

Retail Arbitrage

It means you buy items for cheap at retail locations then sell them for a profit on Amazon.

  1. Find Cheap Items
  2. Send them to Amazon
  3. Make Money

Obviously there are a million little details and questions that will arise. However I don’t want to bog your mind with the details. This article is just to get you thinking about this! and why I started!

There are many tools in place to make all of this easier. Which in time I will discuss, but for now start thinking and doing some research! Take control of your income!

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