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The Casual Flipper Podcast is my second podcast. My first was titled “The Journey Of Personal Growth Podcast” that’s where I learned how to record, edit, find guests and publish.  I absolutely loved it! After sometime went by, I lost my motivation because I didn’t have a clear & meaningful mission statement.

When I started getting into reselling I quickly realized this was for me. The same passion I had for my original podcast was manifesting it’s-self in this side hustle.

I wanted to document the experience; and I thirsted for a means to express my creativity. That’s the moment “The Casual Flipper Podcast” was born. In November of 2019. 

Like me, it will evolve overtime. As time passes I see the podcast changing. The core will always be reselling however I’m expanding into entrepreneurship, business & personal development. 

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Want To Be On The Show?

If you’re an entrepreneur or in the reselling game; you may be a great fit for the show. Additionally, anyone in the personal development world would add great value as well.