The 2 Most Dangerous Traits In Reselling

There are 2 main killers to resellers when It comes to eBay & Amazon. People get stuck in their head, in a wide range of ways. I know, because I’ve lived it. Here are the two hazardous traits to watch out for when employed unconsciously. However, they have the power to work with us when used intentionally.


Fear of failure aka never getting started. People will learn, learn, learn and ultimately end up asking questions like “what If I can’t win the buy box”. You’ll never win it if you don’t hop on the listing! Sometimes we fear that we’ll have no success and make the wrong choice. But the beauty of it all; is, with every wrong choice you make; you become a better seller. Bad inventory purchases actually help you learn if you can go back and analyze the data.

Recall when you bought it and bring up a Keepa chart. Understanding why it was a bad buy will allow you to make a better decision going forward. It’s a hands-on learning process.
You’ll figure it out! Just start.


The 2nd killer is a lack of patience. There’s a whole debate to be had on this trait. Many think you need to act quickly and grow rapidly.. which there is some value too but at the same time, you must also have patience with yourself and the business. You won’t grow from working out of your office to owning a massive warehouse in 3 months. Some may be able to do it faster but generally, this will take years. So please be patient with yourself. Allow the process to unfold. If you are strategic about your growth and build a plan you’ll be less likely to suffer from lack of patience in a negative manner.


Anyway Friends,
I hope this article serves you well!
Keep Crushing.

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