Sourcing Books For Amazon FBA 101

“What’s up everybody. My name’s Chris, I am The Casual Flipper. I’m a reseller and Amazon and eBay
here in Canada. And in today’s article, we’re going to dive into books sourcing 101. Just a few basic
easy tips to get you sourcing books”.

“So when it comes to book sourcing in Canada, US, a lot of the strategies are the same. The store names
might be different, but ultimately the overall structure about how are you going to do what it’s
going to be the same. So no worries there. What I would really recommend when sourcing books is try
to look at the ROI and the margins more than the cost. And the reason I bring this up because in Canada,
a lot of booksellers complaining about the cost of books at Value Village. And I do agree it is a little high,
but at the same time, it’s kind of a hypocritical statement for us to say, because we’re buying those
books with an average cost of four if you use that coupon and again, when you donate and we’re selling
those books for 15,20, so it is a little bit hypocritical. I guess the difference is they’re getting them for
free as a donation and we’re not, but as I’ll tell you later in the video, you should also do that because
that is a great strategy. So we can’t really hate on it too much, otherwise, we would look like hypocrites
so maybe we shouldn’t have that argument.”

“But the reason people say that is because you can go to Salvation Army and buy books and your buy cost
is about $2. So Value Village is about twice as much. So books sourcing Canada it comes down to a
hidden up the retail stores we have available, but then also getting a little more creative with it. So
stores available that I’m aware of are basically the Salvation Army and Value Village, those are the more
national ones which I do definitely recommend. But like I did say earlier is if you are doing a Value
Village, definitely want to donate some stuff, get that coupon because that’s going to bring down your
buy cost of $4 per book if you buy 25, which is perfect because now when you’re sourcing and you’re
using your [inaudible 00:02:06] app or whatever it is you’re using, you have a cost of goods there. That’s
going to be an important part of your triggers. Salvation Army, Value Village, definitely recommend. Quick
note Salvation Army, the condition tends to be a little bit worse, but the cost of goods is better. So
Salvation Army, Value Village definitely recommend.”

“And then you’re going to want to do some different creative things, make a website, basic website, you
don’t need to spend much money. You could probably build it yourself and have it be a donation in
website for books. So if you’re in Mississauga or if you’re in Vancouver, Vancouver book donation, try to
get that domain. And in the spring, or really all year round, you could run Google Ads to your website
against Vancouver book donation or whatever to drive traffic there. So when people are looking to
donate their books in your area, Google would them to your website and they can fill out a form or
something and you’ll go pick up the books or they can drop them off to you. So doing some kind of book
donation program, we’re really worth it. I recently had a gentleman donate books that I was able to sell
for over a thousand dollars over a couple of months period. So book donations will likely pay off, you will
have a lot of rubbish and crap that you basically got to recycle, but you’re going to get those winners. So
I definitely recommend doing some kind of book donation. Become the book guy or the book girl in your
area, you’re going to have a lot of success with that.”


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