Master of one platform? or Master of all?

Everybody wants to maximize their current strategy. Naturally. But how? It requires education & reflection.

It’s become clear to me that there are a few ways to look at e-commerce. One way is to become a master on your platform. Amazon, Shopify or Ebay. (I realize there are hundreds others but these are the focal for many). My one worry about mastering only one platform is you open yourself up to vulnerabilities. You are at the mercy of how things are right now. One minor thing can unravel your business quick. Similar to finance It perhaps maybe wise to consider diversification.

It’s definitely not easy learning new platforms however it may be necessary for long-term success & stability. Another reality is, winners tend to win despite the landscape. If you are crushing on Amazon and the winds shift perhaps you can react quickly and figure out the next move. Others may want to brace for impact by looking at other options before a tough decision needs to be made. There’s always something. There will always be a way. The question is how prepared are you for worst case scenario?

Personally, I’m on Amazon exclusively. I only sell Amazon FBA, for the one reason I haven’t mastered my strategy. I am running a profitable machine that is still quite clunky. Once systems are in place I undoubtedly will find myself looking into drop-shipments. Also, reselling shoes on E-bay is a phenomenal opportunity.

Hopefully, I can help guide you if you’re learning or thinking about a side hustle. These are the kinds of questions you’ll face.

Also, check out the podcast below if these topics are of interest to you.


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