How To Sell On Amazon USA From Canada FBA For Beginners

   My name’s Chris, I am The Casual Flipper. I’m a reseller on Amazon and eBay, I’m Canadian, and in this article, we’re going to dive into how to sell in the US market from Canada. So I know for me, personally, when I first started on Amazon it was a very exciting experience, and it still is exciting, but I really wanted a part of that American pie ( vs .CA) because it is so lucrative, the numbers are mind-boggling.

  If you get used to selling in Canada you get used to seeing certain numbers, once you start looking into the US it is actually insane, it’s astronomical. The sales are just ginormous. So, like anything else you’re probably going to want a part of that pie. Now, one thing I would caution is to get your business down in Canada, get things down here, make this a good learning experience before you hop in.

  Because if you’re like me, I definitely hopped in much too early, I made some mistakes, it cost me money, but it was a learning experience… so what can you do? But if you’re just wondering about the logistics about how to do it, I’m going to give you the general kind of concepts and I’m going to let you do the footwork on turning them into actual actions. So one thing right off the bat because I did not realize this, is that if you go into your Seller Central App in the top left, there are three little lines and you click it and that’s where it gives you some other categories to look into, and that’s where you’d find your support tickets & your sales, all that kind of stuff. If you go to the top, there’s a little Canadian flag or the American flag, you can click that and you can toggle between marketplaces. You’re probably already approved to sell in these markets.  it’s just a matter of getting inventory there.

  All Canadians know shipping is incredibly expensive, so what do you do? You’re not going to ship from Canada to the US cause you’re going to pay all kinds of duty fees and you’re going to pay shipping costs up the wazoo. Now I will say, as a disclaimer, I’m sure there are people doing this and I’m sure it is profitable for them. So I’m not saying it is not an option, but for 90% of people shipping from the US to Canada would not make sense, especially if you’re doing just RA, OA, or books, I just don’t see it being feasible. If I’m wrong, message me, we’ll have that discussion because I would love to learn about how you’re making that work. But for most people for this video, not necessarily worth it.

  The next thing is when I was looking at this, I found it very daunting and confusing, and I just didn’t understand how this was possible, but there is a way, and it’s simple. This article probably won’t be that long because this is so simple, selling in the US is simple as a Canadian. And the best part about this is we have the benefit of being in Canada so we can do our business here and then we can just ship our stuff, well sorry, we can use a prep center in the US so we can really do both markets pretty easily because there are fewer options prep centers in Canada. So being a Canadian, we have lots of options to take advantage of the US market. So the best way my opinion is to use a prep center and use a prep center in a state that doesn’t charge tax. My personal prep center is in Oregon. The benefit of this, when I buy inventory, I’m not charged tax. So it’s tax-free, which is amazing. So this first strategy is to use a prep center. And what a prep center is, is a facility with obviously many employees that will accept your inventory. They’ll inspect it for you and they’ll list it to Amazon for you and ship it to Amazon, so they’re basically doing the work for you. You do have to obviously find the product, the easiest example I could give would be online arbitrage. So say you’re using tactical arbitrage, you’ve found some great products or you’re using a leads list and you’ve found some clothes, and they’re at so it’s an American website, or whatever. You’re ordering from an American website, you put it in your cart, you pay, you can use your Canadian credit card. Most websites will not have a problem with this. Michael’s in the US seems a little wonky with it, but most places won’t have an issue. You take that inventory, you pay for it, and when it comes to the shipping address, your prep center that you sign up with will give you an address and whatever they would like as details in there. So you purchase it on an American website, you send it to an American prep center, they prep it all up for you and they send it off to Amazon and then they’ll send it to whichever warehouses can receive your stuff and it’ll just appear in your Seller Central App. So it’s not tricky as a Canadian to get into the US market. Find a prep center, call them, email them, sign up, typically it’s about $1.80 per item plus maybe 20 bucks per month. So when you’re sourcing, you do have to put those costs in your equation. So you’re going to want to find a little bit more profitable items to account for that, but just a matter of setting up your prep center, ordering inventory there. And that’s it.


  One thing that people do wonder about is, how do I get paid? Do I need an American bank account? You do not. I will say once your sales are amping up and you’re starting to make some real coin, I would look at getting an American bank account because Amazon will convert that American funds to Canadian on your behalf, but they do charge fees for it, I don’t know what the percentage is, so I’m not going to throw that out there, but I know it’s not much when you’re a small seller, but once you start scaling up, business is growing, you’re going to want to get an American bank account. So I hope this video is helpful for you. I know it’s very simple and basic, but I just wanted to get this concept out there because when I was looking for it, I didn’t find a whole lot, and I just wanted to simplify this big time for you.  Hope this helped! 





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