How To Sell In The States As A Canadian On Amazon

How To Sell In The States As A Canadian

I’m happy you’ve found your way here. Are you thinking of starting to sell on Amazon? Or maybe you already are. Perhaps, you’re in the US, or maybe Canada and wondering about cross border selling.

Well; I’ve learned a few lessons I’d like to share with you.

If you’re US-based it’s much easier; you simply sign up for remote fulfilment and you’ll be enrolled to sell products in Canada and Mexico from the US market.

If you’re Canadian, it becomes a bit more complex. I was absolutely confused but this concept of selling on .COM from Canada. It seemed absurdly expensive to send products to the states. Which it is. That option probably isn’t that feasible but like anything, I’m sure there are people who have success with it.

First of all, you’re probably already set up to sell in these markets. If you’re on the seller’s app click the 3 lines in the top left, and navigate to the top you can see the market that you are in… it may show a Canadian flag. Press this area and you can now toggle to your US store and Mexican stores.

I don’t want to write a lengthy article full of extreme detail; I’m going to give you the general concepts and let you do some footwork on them.

Use a prep center

“A prep center is a service that will receive your inventory, inspect your inventory, prepare your inventory for Amazon, and then ship your inventory to Amazon”

This is in my opinion the best option as a Canadian to sell in the states. You can do the work of finding one, there are tons. I will give the advice though of looking in a state that has no tax like Oregon. You won’t be charged tax on your inventory.

This strategy is very straightforward. If you’re doing Online Arbitrage you simply purchase inventory from American websites such as target and have it delivered to the prep center and they’ll prep the items and ship them off on your behalf. This applies to wholesale, and private label.

Getting Paid

Don’t worry about setting up an American bank account, until you start earning large sums. Amazon will convert it for you and deposit it to your Canadian account. There are fees for this that you won’t see, which is why after you start earning more it’s wise to look into an American bank.

It’s that simple

When I originally thought of this article I figured it would end up being pretty lengthy and wordy but as I started to write I realized just how straightforward it is. I remember looking into it and I couldn’t find much information… perhaps because it’s a fairly obvious strategy that seems like common sense… however for me, it wasn’t!

It’s literally as simple as using tactical arbitrage or buying a leads list from someone, signing up with a prep center and ordering products there and you’ll be taking a piece of the US market.

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