How To Get Approved In Restricted Categories

How To Get Approved In Restricted Categories

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-Why Restrictions Exist
-How To Get Approved
– Not All Wholesalers Have High Minimums



Why Restrictions Exist

Restrictions are Amazon’s response to the wild west. Years ago, anyone could sell anything. People started reporting the products they were receiving were fake. The counterfeit market was having a great time on Amazon. It became a huge problem. So, in order to contain the problem they created account-level restrictions that would limit the categories a particular seller could offer within. It’s actually great for the consumer, and also the sellers. This strategy has mostly resolved the issue. I should also add, many brands advocate for this strategy has it gives them the ability to limit who sells their product to ensure pricing policies adhered to.
The Amazon market place is incredibly competitive. Restricted categories and brands help ease the competition. This is one of the factors that make these categories so profitable. Simply having fewer sellers on them.

How To Get Approved

Getting approval in a particular category isn’t difficult. But it is, however, time-consuming and you have to be patient. I currently have an application in for grocery which was submitted over a month ago.
Amazon offers 3 ways to get approved in restricted categories.

1. Auto approval or “auto ungating”
When you scan an item to sell and you see that you’re restricted simply click the “apply for approval” button and there’s a chance if you meet the criteria based on your seller’s performance that you’ll be automatically approved with no further action required.

2. Letter From Brand
Additionally, you may receive a letter from the brand you’re trying to sell which authorizes you to sell their product.

3. Official Invoice
Submitting an official invoice is the most popular method amongst sellers. This method requires you to purchase a minimum amount of product from an authorized distributor or wholesaler then, sending the invoice they provide to Amazon through the application form. Amazon will state in the application the minimum order amount to qualify.

Not All Wholesalers Have High Minimums
I felt compelled to add this final section to clear a few things up you may read online. Firstly of all, I got ungated In toys using a $50 invoice. You’ll see a lot of people and companies offering to get you ungated for a fee often between $500-$1000. I suspect people do this because they think wholesalers and distributors have minimum orders of $1000 or more. Some do, but many don’t. So definitely do your homework on this.
If you get rejected, submit again. I’ve been rejected 2-3 times on invoices I know are absolutely in-line with the requirements. It really depends who is looking at it. The same invoice I was rejected on, I was later approved. The painful thing is, sometimes you have to wait weeks between responses.

I hope you find some helpful information here! Until next time, be well.

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