How To Flip Product Using Ebay & Amazon FBA

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Today we will be discussing how to utilize Ebay & Amazon FBA. As you may or may-not already know is I am fairly new in the game. I’ve had some initial successes and failures (learning experiences). My podcast and website is where they’ll live.

Flipping is similar to investing. Except it’s much more tangible. The concept is simple in theory. Buy low sell high. But like investing it’s the details that’ll get you. That’s why I’m podcasting and writing articles. I siphoned all my knowledge from others now it’s my turn to return the favor. Let’s dive into some details.

It should be noted this article is for beginners any people who haven’t taken the plunge yet!

Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Selling Amazon can be very rewarding. Amazon allows certain items to be listed by 3rd party sellers (You & I) as used. Books & Media are the biggest. I’m discussing books because that is what I have experience in, although I did sell a Harry Potter bluray the other day. Other items are best suited for Ebay. Ebay is more of an online yardsale.

With Amazon, the business structure is simple and effective. Here’s the flow.

  1. You thrift a book cheap $1
  2. You list the book on Amazon $14.99
  3. Amazon takes roughly $9
  4. You Ship The Book to Amazon FBA Warehouse $0.30
  5. Your profit $4.70
  6. Rinse and repeat

Some books obviously sell for more than others. Once in a while you’ll find some pretty crazy profits out of a single book. Especially textbooks. Anyway. Don’t let the logistics and details slow you down. Setting up the Amazon Selling account is easy, they also have good support for sellers. The shipment flow is easy to use. There are a ton of videos on YouTube as well which I will list. That side of the business you’ll understand once you start, but the key is to actually do it.


I’ll start by saying that E-bay is not for everybody. It’s an online yard-sale except you have to ship your items. Depending on how you structure your sale people can make you offers, and there is even an option for auction. But the opportunity is absolutely insane. You should thank the world for collectors. Because they’re on E-Bay buying up all that “worthless crap” you find out there. Mugs, knickknacks, comics, etc.

With E-bay the flow is a little different than Amazon.

  1. You thrift a baseball card for $10
  2. You List it
  3. You take offers, auction or buy it now option
  4. It sells
  5. You ship

It’s difficult to give concrete numbers with E-bay because there are so many buying options. That card could go for $500 auction, or maybe you didn’t realize it’s value so you made an option for “Buy It Now” for $30.

It should also be noted you’ll have to do a little investigative work when it comes to shipping. You can charge the buyer or set a flat fee, or you pay it. Look at other listings and see what they’re doing. I also recommend shopping around to see who will give you the best rates. Protip: business shipping accounts are usually free and offer discounts.

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