Have you done this? It’s okay, you’re not crazy.

Have you done this? It’s okay, you’re not crazy.

         I’ve been very distant over the previous 3 months from the people around me. I’m really working through some principles in my head. It’s a weird thing, but I’m so thankful for it. I’ve developed a real fear of complacency. I’ve lived that life too long. Somehow I thought being numb meant I was happy. Happy to just let life happen around me. “No News Is Good News” type of life. Doing the exact same things every single day. I am not antagonizing those who are legitimately happy with this type of existence, because ultimately that is the absolute goal.

But; when you are living a life that isn’t aligned with your true values and you’ve convinced yourself that this is the life you want because it’s fucking scary to make BIG changes. In 10 years; how do you want to recap the last 10 years? How do you want your children to remember you?

Toxic thought #1. You/Others are defined by their hourly wage.
Feeling BETTER than others because of money is a sure sign that you have insecurities to work out.

Values in alignment = happiness. We live in the land of opportunity and wealth with some of the highest rates of suicide and depression.
Discover your VALUES.

Build your life around them.
If you have a value of FAMILY and SPIRITUALITY. Build a new life that puts your family & spirituality first. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your on and change everything. It’s simply making new priorities.

Don’t chase money because our culture says that is a success. You will never be happy!

I hope these concepts serve you well,



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