From Sh*t To Sugar – How To Start From Zero And Grow Your Business & Social Media

in this week’s episode, we dive into growing a business from nothing. Discuss best practices for growing and engaging with your social media.

I was honestly caught off guard by how enjoyable this conversation was. Louis, aka “Sir Flipz Alot” is extremely inspiring and I know for sure you’ll find aspects of his game that you can draw from. He’s always looking into the future, not afraid of hard work and taking advantage of opportunities that come his way. It’s also interesting to hear about how things are across the pond as he is working out of Germany. Although, he was born In the states.

We really dive into the beginning stages of your business. the concept of taking Sh*t to Sugar, I hadn’t heard that saying before and it really resonated with me. So much can be learned from everyone, as everyone is in different stages of the process.

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