Facts. Vs Emotion: A Monumental Challenge

Facts. Vs Emotion: A Monumental Challenge
By: The Casual Flipper

Article Content:
-Why Emotion is easy
-Shifting to numbers
-Awareness is step one

1. Why Emotion Is Easy

For many, we’ve lived life feeling our way through. It’s habitual now. When making decisions
we’re thinking about how we’d feel ultimately about the potential outcomes. It’s done in our
subconscious mind. It’s directly attached to our identity. It’s truly amazing, and it’s one of the
key things that separates us from other species. However, It doesn’t always serve us in a
positive manner.
It’s easy to bring this decision making to our businesses because it’s effortless. Think, feel,

2. Shifting To Numbers

I’ve discussed on numerous occasions the importance of shifting your mindset in regards to
personal finance & business finance. Then, there is also personal decision making and
business decision making. Your business overtime will become full of numbers and it’s your
job to follow them. Collecting data, and learn how to internalize it to create useful
E-commerce is exploding, it’s changing the lives of thousands of great sellers. Repeatedly,
however, many individuals in this space are thinking with the raw emotion of getting rich and
their actions speak to it. Exploring extremely high risk, high reward strategies. Avoid this if
Perhaps, the best example of shifting to numbers comes from my personal experience.
When I first starting selling on Amazon & eBay my excitement (emotion) got the best of me.
If it sold, I’d sell it. I totally ignored the numbers I knew I should follow. It’s important you
have some kind of criteria for what makes a good purchase. When you buy the inventory
you’re tying up your cash for a minimum a couple of weeks while you prep it and send it in. If
you’re not seeing ROI 35-45% at the beginning, and higher down the road then you’re like
me. I tied up all kinds of cash, on low margin, low ROI inventory simply because I thought it
could sell. I was so amazed by it.

 We can be better! By simply following the numbers. Review your inventory, you may be
amazed by how poorly some of the items are actually performing and they must be axed. It’s
time to start following the numbers instead of emotion.

3. Awareness Is Step One

If you’re anything like me; simply becoming aware of this notion is enough to make a
change. Once you realize there’s a problem you are then equipped to handle it. Clearly, if
you didn’t realize this was a problem you wouldn’t know to change it. Awareness is the first
step to redemption. Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to evaluate yourself and the
business and discover if you’ve been making decisions based on numbers or emotion.

I hope this helps! Be well.

The Casual Flipper – Chris

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