Entrepreneurship Vs. Full-Time Job

Entrepreneurship Vs. Full-Time Job
By: The Casual Flipper

What’s Covered?
– The Importance of Self-Awareness
– Personal Metrics for Happiness
– It’s a Lonely Existence


1.The Importance Self-Awareness

I’m a true believer that life happiness and self-awareness live side by side. It’s truly a
monstrous task to lead a happy life when you’re not self-aware. Knowing what makes you
happy, makes you feel fulfilled is equally as important as knowing what you dislike, and what
makes you feel bad.
You gain this insight by trying & doing things. It doesn’t matter what job, or task just simply
by doing a wide range of things. Experience as much as you can and you’ll learn a lot about
How does this relate to entrepreneurs? Because society has decided that being an
entrepreneur is extremely cool and leads to absolute wealth. This is a dangerous path if
you’re not built to be an entrepreneur. Growing up I dreamt about going into the NHL as
many kids do, however, I wasn’t blessed with the raw talent and dedication to make it a
reality. This could be said as well for entrepreneurship. It’s definitely not for everyone, and
having enough self-awareness to make an educated decision on if you want to get into it or
not, is powerful.

2.Personal Metrics for Happiness

In business, you measure performance with “KPI’s” which stands for key performance
indicators. You can set them in your personal life as well. This is an important aspect to help
you in the decision process when deciding if starting a business is for you. Once you know
your personal KPI, they can become your north star leading you into the night. You can
evaluate decisions on if they’re positively affecting your KPI or is it negative.
For some, there’s no question entrepreneurship is for them. Their KPIs are heavily weighted
on being in charge. They thrive on being the person who is responsible for getting things
done. For others, this isn’t the case. Again, we go back to self-awareness

3. It’s a Lonely Existence

A common theme across the board I hear about is the loneliness that comes with
entrepreneurship. Often, you’ll be the only one going through the struggles of
entrepreneurship and it can be difficult finding people who can relate. Social media has
helped fill this void but nothing can replace the in-person interaction. If this is something
you’re experiencing, it’s normal don’t worry. There’ are places where you can mingle, such
as through websites like “meet up”. Go to conferences and put yourself out there.


I hope this helps, until next time. Be well.

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