Does Amazon Owe You? Find out.

There are 2 main ways Amazon will owe you money. It’s important to have tools in place to track these metrics. I’m sure there are plenty of options out there; personally I use sellerboard simply because it also displays my sales metrics as well. It will show you your profit, margin, roi etc… assuming you’ve input correct COGs. Sellerboard will also allow you to cross-post products onto Shopify and eBay making it a very diverse tool.

The 2 ways Amazon Owes You


Your inventory might be lost or damaged by Amazon employees in the FBA Warehouse. Normally, amazon should either find the lost inventory or reimburse you. However, sometimes this doesn’t happen.


When a customer initiates a refund, amazon reimburses the whole sum right away (and charges the seller) without waiting for the actual return to arrive in the FBA warehouse. Some customers change their minds and don’t send the product back. Amazon waits for 45 days and if the product still hasn’t been returned, charges the customer again and reimburses the seller. However, sometimes the last step (reimbursement to the seller) doesn’t take place, that is the product wasn’t returned, but amazon doesn’t reimburse you either.

So, if you also want a tool to track these I would recommend sellerboard; but the key to this article is to simply know that these exist. Perhaps you already have software that can do it! Time to do some investigation and see if Amazon owes you some money! If so; create a case providing the information.

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