Conversation With 6 Figure Business Owners The Happy Hustlers

This week we dive into an amazing conversation I had with The Happy Hustlers back In October. We dive into their origins, they share tips and we discuss everything in regards to reselling & Amazon. If there was ever an episode you don’t want to miss I really think this is it. If you are in the Amazon world and aren’t following this duo you’re missing out! It’s a fresh take on the amazon world which is often falsy portraited on social media and through ads on YouTube.

Nina began reselling by selling her own clothes on Poshmark and quickly become passionate about reselling. She has been reselling for over 4 years. She enjoys coaching fellow entrepreneurs and helping them reach their fullest potential. Ernesto started reselling over 4 years ago now and enjoys helping others grow their businesses.

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I really enjoyed recording this episode. To find it, click the link below!

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