Business Mindset For Success

What’s Covered?

– Changing Your Thinking
– Thinking Long Term
– Growth Mindset

1. Changing Your Thinking

I write this article, as someone who is selling on Amazon & eBay. This is one man’s
There is a very low cost of entry to get into the reselling world, there really isn’t much
resistance. This creates a great opportunity to make some extra money. Which is exactly
how it starts how for most people, simple, fun side hustle. For those who focus, educate
themselves and work hard it often turns into much more than that, unexpectedly. Because of
these points many people in the reselling world, myself included don’t have the business
chops required for long-term success. Most resellers are everyday people who discover that
they have this passion they didn’t realize was there!
For the individuals who weren’t built naturally for business have a major mindset shift to go
through. Managing finances for your business is different from your personal, especially as
you scale. Leverage (debt) for business is often a positive thing as it can be jet fuel for your
business. Typically, you wouldn’t brag about being leveraged as an individual.
It’s time to start being methodical, collect data, think long term, reflect on prior months.
Although these habits are exceptional most people don’t do them in their personal life but will
have to in their business.
The absolute first step is simply coming to the realization that you now have to think
differently. Separate your business from your personal.

2. Thinking Long Term

The pitiful of most, at least in the beginning is having a short term mindset. It’s natural
because often there is so much happening. We get into a reactive mindset that’s difficult to
recover from. Being reactive can actually turn into a habit that is very difficult to break, and
incredibly destructive. You’ll always have fires to put out that won’t change, unfortunately,
but you can start to get ahead of the issues before they arise. I had an on-going issue with
understanding my cash flow so I had to implement software to correct this problem which
may seem very obvious to some but It didn’t to me.

Start looking towards the next quarter, what will you need to do now to succeed then? If
you’re always buying in-season items it’s likely you’re paying a premium for them. Can you
source inventory ahead of time to get a better price? Are there processes you can put in
place that’ll make your business flow better? Maybe custom SKU’s you can use, doing
shipments on the same day every week.
Asking yourself what are the long term goals, and the short term goals that will get us there?
Create thinking long term a habit. Build great relationships with those around you, invest in
yourself for the longterm if there are courses you need.

3. Growth Mindset

There are 2 main forms of mindsets. Growth & Fixed. You can transition between the 2
throughout your life so if you’re currently locked into a fixed mindset thinking it’s very
possible for you to transition.

As you read the growth mindset self-talk you can see why it’s especially important for you as
an entrepreneur to be locked into a growth mindset. You’ll make a lot of mistakes along the
way perhaps even fail miserably a few times throughout your journey so having a strong
healthy state of mind is going to be critical.

I hope this serves you well

The Casual Flipper, Chris

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