Amazon & eBay From A Sellers Perspective

Amazon & eBay From A Sellers Perspective
By: The Casual Flipper

Article Content:
-The Differences From A Sellers Perspective
-How You Can Utilize Both
-Final Thoughts

1.The Differences From A Sellers Perspective

If you’ve sold on both platforms, it becomes pretty clear they’re targeting extremely different
customers. At least the mindset of them. This article will be most helpful to those who
haven’t yet sold on both. If you’ haven’t sold on either, then great I think you should keep
I could simply say, eBay is essentially the greatest on-going yard sale and that would
probably sum it up enough for you to understand the differences. eBay allows you to sell
absolutely anything you want. That is a key difference, as Amazon is riddled with restrictions.
eBay also as more tolerance for used goods which goes back to the yard sale reference.
Both platforms, however, have a review system that is fundamental to growth. Because
eBay doesn’t have as much trust with the average person your reviews are incredibly
important to sway customers to do business with you. This aspect of eBay can be a grind.
The biggest benefit of Amazon in my mind is the Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA). It
saves tremendous time, and in Canada, shipping costs. eBay is much more hands-on.
You’re taking care of the customer experience fully & shipping the product. Amazon is
definitely not passive, but it’s much closer to being so than eBay.

2.How You Can Utilize Both

Amazon sellers often use eBay to recoup costs from items that are returned, and not sellable
again on Amazon. Because eBay has more tolerance for damage and used goods it’s a
great strategy.
eBay is often a great sourcing tool for Amazon sellers as well. And vice versa. However,
eBay to Amazon is much more popular. Amazon does have options to buy used goods, and
they have clear guidelines around the condition. Customers are willing to pay more on
Amazon, especially if it’s prime. This makes eBay to Amazon flips great.

If you’re outsourcing, and you find an item that doesn’t fit your Amazon business it may be a
an excellent option for eBay, so check both.

3.Final Thoughts

Both platforms are great for resellers. There’s no questioning it. People have built huge
businesses on both, so regardless of where you focus you can be successful. I love the FBA
program, it works well for me so I’ve decided to make that my main squeeze for the time
being but I see the value in other platforms.
Regardless of what you choose, if you focus, work hard and educate yourself I love your
odds at success!

Until next time, be well.

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