Amazon US vs. Amazon Canada

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Right off the bat, I want to let you know that I did record a short podcast on this topic. It does include some different content than this blog post, so if your interested you may check it out at THIS link.

I started out on Amazon Canada. That’s where my primary focus is, as I am a Canadian resident. No doubt though, overtime i’ll have to write another post on this topic.. or update this one as this journey evolves.

But, I’ll note some of the key differences I’ve noticed so far.

First of all, gets first access to all the new innovations and features. 2 key examples of this would be 1 Day Shipping & Remote FBA (allows you to sell cross border fulfilled by amazon). The remote FBA program is a huge advantage for US sellers.

However, from my experiences thus far, the .COM site requires a different strategy than the .CA. It is way more competitive, for obvious reasons. (population). Profitable listings quickly load up on sellers sometimes exceeding 40 people! however, the volume of sales is so significant sometimes it isn’t an issue but it’s definitely worth noting. Amazon is also much more strict on their categories they open up to new sellers, you’ll have the opportunity to sell way more items on .CA than you can on .COM. Since I am new on .COM I’m gated on everything it seems! even still, the opportunities endless.

.CA has significantly less listings, significantly less sales but also much less competition. It’s not uncommon for me to share a listing with just 1-3 other sellers.. and in some cases, no one.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to sell on both platforms regardless of where you live. If you’re in the states you can enroll in the Remote FBA program. I haven’t looked into this much, but i’ve heard good things. Assuming there are fees.. I’d compare that to the cost of a Canadian prep center.

Canadians looking to sell on .COM, it’s pretty easy as well. Maybe even easier in some ways. There are endless prep centers in states which there’s no tax, which is amazing. You pay 0 taxes when shipping to these locations! which is something Canadians are most definitely not used to. However, it’s simply replaced with a prep fee & monthly account fee. Well worth it though, to get a piece of that sweet US Amazon pie.

I hope some of these details help you understand the differences. If you have any questions feel free to hit up my contact form!

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