Amazon FBA Canada – Inventory Limits

What’s up, everybody? My name’s Chris, The Casual Flipper. So, as you may or may not be aware, Amazon
has set some temporary, we hope, limits on inventory. So a lot of people are scrambling, panicking, a lot
of questions, a lot of concern, a lot of, just a lot of mess, a lot of mess is basically what’s happening right
now. So, for myself, I had about 4,000 listings in Amazon active, maybe 5,000, in that ballpark. And
they’ve restricted us to 1700 units, which obviously, essentially neuters the business. So at this current
time, we can’t send anything in, we’re left twirling our thumps.

But, this is a time to sharpen your other tools. So, the content side of things, the personal brand, The
Casual Flipper, I can put more focus on. It also teaches us about the vulnerabilities of a business. When you
have all your eggs in one basket, you’re at the mercy of that platform. So when all your eggs are in
Amazon, your whole business, your whole lifestyle, is really at risk of that brand. So, it really opens
up my eyes to vulnerabilities and diversity. But not like you diversify and you think of that often in terms
of stock and stuff like that, but it’s equally as important in your business. And that’s just a lesson that I
just learned. It’s something that I wanted to do anyway, but this really just hits it home to the next level.

So, this limit restriction thing, I do believe, I don’t know, I would hope that in this way, it’s temporary. I
would always assume that they would have some kind of system that would limit what people can send
in if they’re sending stuff that’s not selling in the States with the IPI score. I assumed something like that
was coming to Canada, I just didn’t think it would be taken to effect without notice in a very dramatic
way. So there’s a lot of people, it really makes it hard to be full-time. I would almost argue impossible to
do this full-time under this current system.

And the other thing that’s rather interesting is they’ve only targeted experienced sellers. So everyone
that’s nine months and younger is actually unaffected and they can send an unlimited amount of
inventory, which is honestly the most surprising part about all of this. I find that very confusing. But, I’m
hoping this is a temporary thing. They’ve said that starting today, which is the 9th, free removals of
inventory. So, it seems that they shake things up, they rattle everyone’s cages, that they’re going to get
rid of a ton of inventory. A lot of people aren’t sending stuff in. So, over the next month or so they’re
going to free up a lot of warehouse space. On top of that, they’re building some new ones.

So, I would hope that this is all just a short-term thing to clear up some space. We’ll go into a very
hopefully promising next quarter, but at this time, you know, there’s not a lot of information out there.
It’s time to start thinking about pivoting. Moving to the US market is a very real possibility. But in the
way of doing it from books gets a little mucky if you’re not close to the border. So there’s not much I can
do, not much I can say. There’s been a few people that wanted me to make a video on this, but
unfortunately, I don’t have any special information. I can just speculate. I find it all very strange. I do
think it’s temporary, but again, I don’t really know. But it’s definitely for me a time to focus on eBay,
maybe look at doing some stuff in the US again. Focus on the content creation side of things, and just
have an open mind to other possibilities and see where it takes me


But, anyway guys, I hope this clears things up a little bit. I know there’s not a lot I can say or do. But if
you’re confused, scared, whatever, frustrated, I understand. A lot of people are, I’ve talked to a lot of
people. Everyone’s in the same boat and all we can really do is take the time to reflect and hopefully set
up our businesses going forward in a way that we’re not so leveraged by one brand. Anyway, keep
crushing it and stay real


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