Accounting & Bookkeeping Principles For Success with Mat Remuzzi of Capforge

It’s Friday which means another episode of the podcast has been released! Find The Casual Flipper Podcast here.

Matt and I had a tremendous conversation on accounting & bookkeeping. I understand it’s not a glamorous topic but the reality is… they’re two key aspects at the core of any successful business.  We tried to keep the conversation flowing to avoid getting into too much detail which may lead to some boredom, but the information provided is invaluable.

Top Takeaways

  1. Separate Your Business Money From Your Personal
  2. Use software like Quickbooks to keep track of transactions and cash flow
  3. Be Intentional in your business and review your inventory

At a glance, these may be fairly obvious to some, but the reality is there are a ton of people who avoid this topic like the plague so they don’t have the information! We dive into these topics and others in the episode. I hope you decide to check it out and I hope even more that you find some value in it.

Be well & keep crushing!

The Casual Flipper – Chris

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