If you want to learn more about The Casual Flipper, you’re in the right place. 

My story

Hey! I’m Chris. I’ve created an alternative ego of sorts. My online presence is under the name “The Casual Flipper”. I resell on Amazon & eBay. I wanted to offer you some insight to better understand me as a human. We don’t very often get the chance to learn about the ones we follow.

I’m Canadian, grew up In Nova Scotia. Born in Fredericton New Brunswick. Normal childhood never wanted for much. Typical struggles with body-image insecurities growing up, often singled out and teased because of my fiery gingerness. That phase passed pretty quick and I learned how to become invisible in high school. Well, as invisible as lanky ginger can be. Grades were never great, averaged between 65–70%. Absolutely awful at mental math. Embarrassingly bad.

Moving Forward

Felt pressure to pursue education directly out of high school, luckily I went to community college which is a much lesser commitment in terms of time and financial resources. If nothing else at school I learned about myself. I completed 1 program and dropped out of another. Between the ages of 18 and now 29 I’ve dabbled in a ton of hobbies and jobs which for a while I thought there was something wrong with me, but I realize it was an absolute blessing. The self-awareness that comes with trying new things is eye-opening. After some time, you can truly start to know when something clicks.

I ultimately found real comfort in sales. It was the first thing I truly excelled at. However, over time I started noticing I always wanted more, growth became super important to me. And it somehow manifested its self into a minor struggle with direct supervisors. I learned, that I love being the captain of my ship. I just never had a vessel. So, when I discovered  Amazon was platform you can sell on and do very well it certainly caught my attention. It’s put me into the driver’s seat, head first. Navigating the murky waters to the best of my ability. I honestly don’t know where it leads to from here but I’m awfully happy it happened.