A Chat with Tyler Williams of Flippin’It Podcast

When I very first was introduced to the world of retail arbitrage I frantically searched for resources to help me learn. I went to YouTube, and searched any reselling podcasts. I tend to prefer audio for learning. I found a few podcasts however Flippin’it seemed the most relatable and real. I went on to listen to every episode and learned quite abit.

After I started my podcast and knew the value of having guests on I figured I’d hitup Tyler and see if he’d be interested. Turns out he was and accepted the request and shortly after we recorded an episode of the podcast which will be launching today.

On this episode we discuss Tyler’s motivation for starting a podcast, his strategy which has led him to be a full-time reseller and a recap of the holiday’s so far.

Here are a few links to discover Flippin’it podcast



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